Dashing for profit. Draw resources. We are wasting knowledge, health, energy to achieve results. What remains behind us? How long can it?

The main business challenge producers of tuna in the world are not liquidity, increase profits, lack of capital, motivation of employees, customer complaints, the fight on the market, or any other problem that we have faced over the past decades. The biggest challenge is having a big risk that tuna as a species due to over-exploitation and poor conditions for life extinct. This will automatically mean the termination of the existence of all organizations dealing with this production.

It is quite clear that the main risk to the business, what it takes to be the focus of all our thinking, sustainability of business that we have. This awareness must exist and must overcome all other needs and short-term goals, which has every ogranizacija. When business conditions are bad, mainly the company has a short-term view, however, it is essential that there is long-term.
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