VDA 6.3 Process audit – The requirements

Code: 114
Course Duration: 1 day

VDA 6.3 process-oriented standard for testing that is designed to assess, analyze and improvement of various control methods in production processes. This course is recommended for those who are involved in the implementation of KMS on the basis of ISO / TC 16949 in their organization, those who are responsible for supplier development and performance assessment of suppliers in the automotive supply chain. The course helps to understand the very process of implementation of checks and provides guidance for future use VDA 6.3 standards.

Measurement System Analysis (MSA or GR&R)

Code: 063
Course Duration: 1 day

Measurement System Analysis (MSA or GR&R) is a method which tests the credibility of results obtained by measuring and controlling, to determine the measurement error of the operator or the equipment. Also, we determine if the measurement error is small enough to enable us to confidently continue to use the results and further statistical analysis. Due to the nature of its relation to SPC method it is advised to link training for SPC and MSA.

Statistical process control (SPC)

Code: 069
Course Duration: 2 days

SPC is a part of the basic package of auto industry, FMEA method is used to set aside special characteristics, the control plans to set controls, including measurement and control, and then SPC methods are used to process the obtained results, to determine the capability and process stability. On the other hand, the Six Sigma method is not possible without a strong statistics, which the SPC method provides. Due to the nature of its connection, we recommend linking traninings for SPC and MSA methods

Problem Solving

Code: 068
Course Duration: 1 day

Problem solving is a formal request for IS16949, a method of the FORD company, titled G8D where is most commonly applied. This is the reason this technique is one of the most studied during training alongside 7 steps, Six Sigma and many other. All steps are covered, from problem defining, temporary solutions, to determining the final causes.